Convertible Bridge Note

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What is a convertible bridge note? These days, investors may refuse to do convertible bridge financings unless the conversion price on the debt is capped. For example, an investor may request the conversion price is the lower of a discounted Series A price or the price per share is determined upon a defined valuation.

I seem to be doing a lot of pre-Series A convertible bridge note financings these days. As I have written previously, I think that convertible notes with even large conversion price discounts (e.g. 50%) or warrant coverage are typically more company-favorable than a Series A financing where a valuation is set.

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Click here to open the Series seed convertible note financing documents Generator. These documents are intended only for US companies. Also note that the documents were designed for companies incorporated in Delaware. Learn more about the Series Seed project and our contributions in our introductory post.

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Since a convertible note has both debt and equity features, settling this question is fundamental to determining the tax consequences to both the holder and the issuer. Generally, a convertible note with the terms I describe in the preceding paragraph is considered purely a debt instrument until it is converted.

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This Convertible Note shall, henceforth, be referred to as the "Note," and may be referred to in plurality with other such agreements, referred to as "Notes." The word "Holders" shall constitute a plurality of any and all such persons who have similarly advanced funds in exchange for Notes with the Company.

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